Why are #Autism parents Judged so Harshly? (S1E5)

If you’re an Autism or Special Needs parent, you are probably all too aware of what it feels like to be judged by those around you. My wife and I are no exceptions.

I know how bad it feels to be judged and I see how badly others are impacted by this as well.

Because this impacts so many people, I wanted to devote an episode to talk about judgment. It’s so important to help people understand how their words and actions can impact others.

Give this a listen and then pass it along to someone who could use the insight or would benefit from being reminded that they aren’t alone.. ☺


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  1. If never noticed if I’ve been judged by people and I really don’t care.

      • BeckyW on February 24, 2019 at 10:36 pm
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      So, probably any theoretical judgmental people didn’t actually say anything to you? Because it isn’t “noticing” judgmental people. It’s having them verbally criticize you, and especially during a sensitive moment when you’re trying to deal with your child.

  2. I know the answer

  3. I think people’s problem with parents who have a disability that we are incapable of taking care of… https://t.co/98MQlx0Y6a

  4. I haven’t read your post (mobile bound currently) but I feel you guys are judged harshly as a whole… https://t.co/72Hisz85K8

  5. i don’t judge and anyone who does is clearly an uneducated ignorant idiot,,

  6. Because it’s easy to judge someone whose shoes you’ve never donned. That meltdown is not an ill man… https://t.co/DIXhqZ6DT3

  7. Seeing a parent with an Autistic child work through a tantrum focused and loving the child, redirec… https://t.co/u9rUwVbiaP

  8. @AuthorTheDragon https://t.co/i68S5Y4ibU

  9. I’ve got a hot pink shirt saying when you’re done staring at my child then maybe we can work on your issues.

  10. Wish I knew!
    It’s hard enough as it is being patronised by specialists, support agencies and govern… https://t.co/p718BhDA86

  11. Right?? So frustrating…..especially when you are the only parent caring for them cause the other… https://t.co/ph99pRYdhl

  12. i am an autism mom to a 26-year-old daughter. I was on the receiving end of insensitive looks and comments many times during my daughter’s childhood. When I received particularly insensitive comments, I replied directly to them. Sometimes you just have to let people know just how intrusive and insensitive these unwanted comments are and what you are dealing with in the moment. Stops them in their tracks. Thing is, we have just as much right to be in the store as that insensitive oaf does. We need to stand up for our children and our rights. Our kids won’t learn how to be in the community if they are not taken into the community to experience it and learn how to participate. They need to get out of the house and have new experiences and learn how to navigate them. I took my daughter everywhere – to stores, restaurants, movies, the zoo, the grocery store, K-Mart, WalMart, and more. I felt it was important to expose her to varied experiences: different restaurants, different stores, so she would learn to be more flexible in her expectations and not be locked onto just one store or restaurant or movie theater. Her meltdowns were in stores, usually K-Mart, when we couldn’t buy what she wanted, but sometimes occurred randomly, based on sensory overload. We worked through it and gradually the meltdowns in the stores stopped. She learned how to behave appropriately in restaurants and other settings. In the beginning, we usually went out at non-peak times to reduce stimulation. It took a lot of hard work, but was so well worth it. Remember that old Latin phrase, illegitimi non carborundum: “Don’t let the bstrds wear you down!” It’s not about them, They are momentary intruders in your life. it’s about you and your child and your journey.

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