March 2019 archive

This Week’s Pod: Bittersweet Victories

In this episode, I talk about what many of us face from time to time. Bittersweet Victories are the kind of victory that comes after a loss. In the case of my family, Gavin is losing significant skills and while we are heartbroken to see this loss, he still managed to do something for the …

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Supporting #Autistic Artists with Harish Bikmal

I’m really excited about this weeks episode of The Autism Dad Podcast. I interview Harish Bikmal (an Autism Dad) about his Social Benefit Enterprise called Zenaviv and how they are helping Autistic artists. This is some very cool stuff and I really wanted to bring this to my audience as a whole because so many …

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An Assault of Verbiage

I’m doing something a bit different with this episode of The Autism Dad Podcast. Last week I was supposed to be interviewing Harish Bikmal, the founder of Zenaviv. Unfortunately, there were some technical issues that interfered with recording and I had to reschedule. In order to sorta fill in the gap, I thought I would …

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