Recent Media Appearances

Here’s a running list of other places I’ve appeared across the internet and on TV.


TV Appearances

ABC News

Hosted by Devin Dwyer: Devin Dwyer

The Tamron Hall Show

Host Tamron Hall:

Podcasts and Interviews

Family Tech

Hosted by Sarah Kimmel:

Welcome To Fatherhood Podcast

Hosted by  Kelly Jean-Philippe:

Hope Saves The Day Podcast

Hosted by Paul Cimins:

Just Two Dad’s Podcast

Hosted by Shawn Francis and Brian Altounian: Just Two Dads

Just Education Podcast

Hosted by Judi Epstein:

School For Fathers

Hosted by Danusia Malina-Derben:

Family Success Secrets Podcast

Hosted by Steve and Katie Keene: Family Success Secrets Podcast

Xceptional Leaders Podcast

Hosted by Mai Ling Chan and James Berges:

Big Abilities Podcast

Hosted by Amy Nielsen:

Thriving in the Midst of Chaos Podcast

Hosted by Jessica Temple:


Hosted by Shannon Urquiola:

Daddy Unscripted

Hosted by:

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