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As a parent who did ABA for three years

There is a more nuanced conversation about ABA that needs to happen. This is presented as a therapy like a medical therapy like speech or PT or OT. The majority of therapy is done by people that might have a high school degree. Is not regulated like most therapy. And lot more points I’m not going to get into, not mob talking points but facts about the inherent flaws of behavioralism overall. A lot of stuff you guys talked about I do agree with but all ABA is not equal .I agreed the no shame in grieving the life you thought you would have ,it is self care and something you need to do to get past it and be ready for the new journey for your kids. I’m happy for anyone who this works for and hope you are not feeling attacked by this comment. But there is a big problem with how ABA is presented to parents and pushed on them. .

Well Done Autism Dad!

Just recently found you and your podcast on LinkedIn. I’ve been following and listening. Great content, interesting conversations and much needed perspective from a dad who is rockin’ this autism journey.

Grandmother of a boy newly diagnosed with autism.

I also am a retired special education teacher who has worked with children from one end of the spectrum to the other. Great podcast!

Great podcast

Raw & Real.

So Real! So Grateful!

So honored to be on Rob’s show and talk about this important issue of distance learning versus homeschooling. Most importantly, Rob is the real deal and his honestly and bravery in sharing his journey with all of us helps us all make it through the day.

Thank You

Thank you for sharing your story and providing so many more perspectives on parenting autistic children. You are rocking it! Keep up the awesome work!

It’s like a review...

RE THE G-NIFFER REVIEW I’m happy to hear you decided against your drinking game. It would be a great loss for humanity if you were to experience liver failure and die leaving us without your signature hard-hitting insightful and constructive reviews. I really appreciated your tone in this review; the way you don’t hold anything back or concern yourself manners shows a lot of integrity. I think it’s important that people like you are out there to demoralize people who think that just because they are providing content for free out of the goodness of their hearts during their meager spare time that they will be excused from producing anything less than professional level content. If your Neanderthal brain managed to catch on to that sarcasm then perhaps you will be capable of using the wisdom from a great review I once read to revise your own review into something that doesn’t read like it was written by a sociopath. To paraphrase the aforementioned review, read your own review and read the mistakes and then come back. PODCAST REVIEW Thanks for making this podcast. Hearing your kids is especially helpful to get some insight as to what might be going on under the surface since my son is only three and doesn’t speak well (he mainly repeats a catalogue of phrases and it often doesn’t make sense to me). Also, I appreciated that you opened up about struggling to juggle everyday things while raising kids with autism. It feels like every day is a struggle just to get him to eat something and get him dressed and change his diaper and we are just fighting to make it to bedtime with the least meltdowns possible. I can really relate when you talked about having no energy at the end of the day to get anything done while piles of laundry and dishes grow higher and the constant flow medical bills go unpaid for several notices because we don’t have the money to pay right away and then they get lost in the clutter because our son scatters them all over house like he eventually does with everything in the house. Your episode on meltdowns and sensory issues was particularly helpful. I was always frustrated with my wife’s approach of giving him new meals if he wouldn’t eat what we gave him. I thought if he was hungry enough he would eat and it’s painful for me when so much food goes to waste while I’m struggling to make enough money to get by. It’s good to know that my wife is making the right decision by persistently trying to find something that is palatable for him given that it is a sensory issue. My son is an inscrutable little boy. He often tells me to go away when I get home from work for some reason. However, I was relieved to hear that your sons don’t like to be touched or verbally comforted during meltdowns either as it is has been quite difficult to have all of my heartfelt attempts to comfort him be so sharply rebuked by him in these traumatic moments when I want to care for him so badly. Hopefully one day my son will be able to communicate with me like your sons do with you. I know my son has a lot of potential and I have actually found his autism diagnosis last month to be a great blessing because it is helping me to understand him but God help me, I have been so lost for so long.