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Beaming Health:

All too often, a child is diagnosed with autism, ADHD, or anything else for that matter, and parents walk away from that appointment terrified, overwhelmed, and not knowing what to do next. I’ve been there myself, and it feels like you’re trying to find your way out of a dark, scary forest at night without a map. 

Beaming Health is that map for parents. It’s an amazing new resource that is changing the way parents find the services, support, and resources their child needs.

Visit and create your free account, and you’ll find that looking for services is suddenly easier than ever before- probably even easier than ordering dinner for your family! 

Beaming Health has a constantly growing database of services like early intervention, therapies, respite care, day programs, adult services, and everything in between. You can narrow your search by zip code, insurance provider, parent ratings, and even how long a provider’s waitlist is. 

Beaming Health helps you create a roadmap for your child’s care, helping you navigate and better manage getting your child the services they need to succeed. 

Beaming Health is HIPPA-compliant and available for free to everyone in the United States.  Start your free account today at

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