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Episode 35

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30th Oct 2020

Parent to Parent (feat. Lynn Esparo) S3E35

In this weeks Parent to Parent episode, I introduce you to Lynn Esparo. Lynn is a single Mom to an amazing little boy with autism. Lynn has an amazing story and she takes us through her journey with the foster system as well as the adoption process. This is a colorful conversation about all things autism parenting and it's both hilarious and inspirational. I can't wait for you to meet Lynn and hear her amazing story. :-)

About Lynn:

Lynn Esparo (Lynn sent me this bio and I thought it was hilarious so I copy and pasted it here.)

I am a single mom, who works full time as the publicity coordinator for The CW Network. A foster and now adoptive mother, my five-year old son was diagnosed with level 3 Autism at the age of three (though I knew way before that). Currently a stay at home-working mother/kindergarten teacher/speech therapist/occupational therapist/entertainer/chef/researcher/DJ/nurse/etc…

Lover of Major League Baseball, puppy cuddles and complete silence.

Currently in a long-term relationship with sarcasm.

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