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The Autism Dad Podcast

The Autism Dad Podcast

Welcome to The Autism Dad podcast. After writing my multiple award-winning blog for over 13 years, I created this podcast to reach parents in a new, engaging way. If you're a parent or caregiver raising an autistic child, a child with ADHD, or a child with a disability, this podcast is absolutely for you.

Recent Episodes

Autistic Voices Parent To Parent Education

Accepting the Diagnosis (feat. Dennis Procopio) S5E17

June 27, 2022

Sometimes we need a little help to accept a diagnosis, be it for our child or ourselves. In this episode, Dennis Procopio helps me to accept my recent diagnosis. I think his advice transcends my singular experience and can a…

Education IEP

What is an IEP? (feat. Shelley Kenow) S5E16

June 20, 2022

Are you a parent to an autistic child, a child with ADHD, or a child with a disability? If so, this show is for you. Learn everything you need to know about IEPs, from an IEP expert, and go into your next IEP meeting empower…

Guest: Shelley Kenow
Autistic Voices

Singer/Songwriter & Autistic Advocate (feat Cory Singer) S5E15

June 13, 2022

Cory is an accomplished singer/songwriter and Tiktok sensation, who just happens to be autistic. He uses his massive platform to talk about autism.

Guest: Cory Singer
Autistic Voices Parent To Parent ABA Therapy

Parents Discuss Regressive Autism and ABA Therapy (feat. Eileen Lamb) S5E14

June 6, 2022

Eileen Lamb ( The Autism Cafe ) is an autistic mother of two autistic kids. She's here for a parent-to-parent discussion about the reality of regressive autism and ABA therapy, based on first-hand, personal experience. Guest…

Guest: Eileen Lamb
Parent To Parent

Kate Swenson: Autism, Parenting, Hope, and Healing (S5E13)

May 30, 2022

have a great parent-to-parent conversation with my friend Kate Swenson (Finding Cooper's Voice). We share some of our best autism parenting stories that inspire hope and healing.

Guest: Kate Swenson

When your child needs acute residential care (feat Mike Rowley) S5E12

May 23, 2022

My guest today is the Administrator of Springbrook Autism Behavioral Health, Mike Rowley. I recorded this while on-site at The Converge Autism Summit in Greenville, South Carolina. Mike and I have a conversation all about th…

Guest: Mike Rowley