As parents, it sometimes feels like we are constantly nagging our kids to work on their daily living routines. Things like hygiene and bedtime, and homework can be so challenging. We know our kids need to learn this stuff, especially as they move towards independence, but sometimes there’s just not enough time in a day.

Parenting is tough. Trying to balance everything when it comes to raising kids is not easy, and sometimes as parents, we could use a little help. Enter Goally. Goally is a digital visual scheduler, AAC talker, token board system, and more all rolled into one easy-to-use app. It’s made for unique thinkers like autistic kids and kids with ADHD.

Kids together with Goally can conquer daily routines and therapy practice without prompting from mom or dad. This reduces that feeling of nagging your kids, and it also grants your kids some autonomy to sort of manage their own lives. Goally can easily be used on your child’s existing device or with Goally’s optional and affordable, dedicated device.

In my house, we found that the dedicated device seems to work better for my son, so that’s what we use. For more information, you can visit getgoally.com and use the code “theautismdad” and save 10% off your order.

Use the code “theautismdad” to save 10%

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