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Dec. 3, 2021

Stories from an IEP Meeting (feat. Dennis Procopio) S4E20

Stories from an IEP Meeting (feat. Dennis Procopio) S4E20

Listen to other parents talk about their experiences with IEP meetings. Learn something or share your story.

IEP or individualized education plan are oftentimes considered a four-letter word in the autism and special needs community. In this episode, I briefly explain what an IEP is and why they're important, before hearing from my guest today. Dennis Procopio is back and this time he's sharing stories from the recent IEP meeting for his son. Sometimes it's helpful to listen to people's real-life experiences because there's much that can be learned.

Dennis talks about how he used his experience as a life coach to better navigate what can be a very emotionally charged, and contentious situation. Check out his story and let me know if you'd like to share yours. ☺

I have learned so much from my conversations with Dennis and he’s helping me become a better version of myself. If you would like to talk to Dennis, you can connect with him and schedule a FREE strategy session at manuplifecoaching.com


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Dennis Procopio Profile Photo

Dennis Procopio

Father/Male-Life Coach

s the founder of Man-UP! Life Coaching (MULC), I’m often asked about my background and how I got into the profession of coaching men.

That’s a long story that I will begin to answer below, but the one quick thing I can say about myself as a coach is this:

After 30-some-odd years of experience, there's no work that I would rather do. There's no greater reward for me than helping another man to become their best self.