Tech to Help Your Autistic Kid (feat. Aaron Shute of Brain Power) S3E13

In this episode, I talk with Aaron Shute from Brain Power. We discuss how they are using highly specialized software and Google Glass to improve the lives of Autistic kids and adults. Brain Power uses augmented reality to help Autistic individuals better interact with the world.

The technology is absolutely amazing but please understand that this is very expensive and will not be for everyone. Aaron explains that they normally work directly with schools but since schools are shut down, they are trying to make available to parents for the first time. They recognize that it’s expensive (because Google Glass is VERY expensive) and in order to make this as accessible as possible to parents, they are offering a 40% discount.

My goal with this episode is to make you aware of things that are out there and this is something that making is making a huge difference in classrooms across the country.

If you are interested, you can use the code “theautismdad” at checkout and you’ll save 40%. Again, I’m not out of touch and I know this will not be for everyone but I want to provide information that can help parents and schools address some of the unique challenges faced by kids on the Autism Spectrum.

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Brain Power’s Mission

“Our mission is to help you empower the brains of people with invisible neural challenges. Empowered Brain helps teachers to empower their students (young children up to transitioning adults) with augmented reality experiences that teach them social-emotional skills in a social setting. The heads-up system engages and motivates students in a gamified way, and automatically generates data on their progress for IEP reports.”

About Aaron Shute

Aaron has worked in the autism field since he was a teenager. Most recently, he spent eight years developing, implementing and supporting augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) solutions for autism. Additionally, he has served as a camp counselor, behavioral aide, case manager, and gymnastics coach for autism.


I wanted to provide you with a list of reliable sources for information regarding COVID19. Facts, science medicine and accurate, truthful information matter now more than ever. These are some of the people and medical facilities that I trust and rely on for information about this pandemic. Please give them a follow.

Dr. Tara C. Smith

Professor, infectious disease epidemiologist



Cleveland Clinic



Mayo Clinic





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This episode is sponsored by Mightier. Mightier is an amazing program out of Harvard Medical and Boston Children’s. It uses video games to teach kids to emotionally self-regulate. Visit and find out more information, including how to get a free 30 day trial.

This episode is brought to you by AngelSense. Wandering is a huge problem in the Autism community and it’s reached epidemic levels. AngelSense is working to save the lives of Autistic kids who wander, by empowering parents with GPS tracking tools that helps them to immediately intervene should an episode of elopement occur. Visit for more information.

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