Parent to Parent (feat. Melissa Winchell) S3E16

This is a very special episode. I speak parent to parent with Melissa Winchell about the struggles our families are facing on COVID19 lockdown. Melissa’s family was featured on ABC News recently, along with mine and few others. ABC News were exploring the impact COVID19 lockdown is having on special needs families like ours.

I speak with Melissa about the challenges she’s facing as a special needs parent, while on lockdown. We both talk very openly about our fears, concerns and the many struggles our kids are currently facing, as we get used to our new normal. This is a very emotional episode and it provides amazing insight into special needs parenting under these lockdown conditions.

We discuss some very difficult things that special needs parents are worrying about as a result of the current crisis.

About Melissa Winchell:

Melissa Winchell, Ed.D., is a disabled parent of kids with disabilities, including a 10-year-old daughter with Down syndrome, ASD, medical complexity, and multiple behavior diagnoses. She is a lifelong public educator and a current assistant professor of secondary education at Bridgewater State University in Bridgewater, MA. She is president of Inclusion Matters, Inc., a non-profit advocating for and educating disabled families.

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I wanted to provide you with a list of reliable sources for information regarding COVID19. Facts, science medicine and accurate, truthful information matter now more than ever. These are some of the people and medical facilities that I trust and rely on for information about this pandemic. Please give them a follow.

Dr. Tara C. Smith

Professor, infectious disease epidemiologist



Cleveland Clinic



Mayo Clinic





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