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The Struggle Is Real (feat. Amy Kelly) S3E22

Amy Kelly is the mother of Danny, Annie, and Ryan. Her daughter Annie is diagnosed with moderate to severe autism, verbal apraxia, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and general anxiety disorder.

Amy Kelly is the National Director of Family Engagement for Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health. Devereux is one of the nation’s oldest and largest nonprofit providers of behavioral healthcare. She also serves as a family representative on several special-needs boards in the community, locally and nationally.

Amy also participates with other patients and families in efforts supported by the American Board of Pediatrics Foundation. The goal is to address children with special needs and the importance of quality care.

Amy and I have a conversation about the many challenges facing our special needs kids as they transition to remote learning. She shares her personal experience with her daughter and we talk about ways to help navigate this new journey.

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