Parent to Parent (feat. Wendy Valente) S3E33

I’m so excited about this week’s episode because I just launched The Parent to Parent Series. Aside from briefly vetting my guests, I go into these interviews blind. The idea is to meet another special needs parent for the first time. Get to know them. Have a raw, unfiltered conversation. Learn about their life and family. Share experiences and insights with the overall goal of reminding everyone listening just how beautiful and unique every special needs family is. You will likely hear some colorful language and that’s okay. You will also find things that you can relate to and that can serve as a reminder that you aren’t alone.

We can all learn from each other and the more connections we can make, the more connected to this amazing community we will find ourselves. My guest is Wendy Valente. About Wendy: Wendy’s had a lifelong love of Interior Design, went to college, and started a career in the design industry. Fast forward, she’s a wife and mother of 3 girls. Her oldest is Autistic and has ADHD. Her youngest are twins. After realizing the traditional way of working was not working for her and her family, she started her own business. This has allowed her to work around the school calendar, and be there for her family. After her oldest was diagnosed with Autism, she started to dive deep into ways to help her and understand her.

This led her to Designing Interiors for Autism.

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