Parent to Parent (feat. Nikki Saunders) S3E40

In this final episode of season 3, I meet Nikki Saunders. I go into these episodes not knowing anything about these parents. I know that Nikki is an autism Mom and lives in the UK. I encourage you to join me once more on this amazing journey to learn about her life and her family. I’ve included her bio below as by the time you listen to this, I’ve already met her and you may want to reach out and connect with her.

About Nikki Saunders

Nikki was born in Suffolk; she has two children and has worked in Special Education. Nikki’s son was diagnosed with autism and she found a lack of inclusion on the bookshelves. After scribbling social stories for mainstream situations, Nikki used her creative eye and went on to publish, “My Awesome Autism” for her son.

It was such a success, that she wanted to share this with other children and their families worldwide and normalize these conversations everywhere as Nikki receives many heart-warming comments and messages in receipt of her books via her social media sites.

“I’ve been crafting stories for as long as I can remember, but in 2019 I decided to take the plunge and create a book for my son. I searched the bookshelves in 2013 and I never found the book we needed, a book to celebrate autism, something bright, positive, and empowering! I noticed a huge gap for many other different abilities too! Children needed to see different books, explore, ask questions, or relate to them.

Since then, she’s gone on to write more books for children with Special Educational Needs and resources for transitional situations. She now has six books on her portfolio, and her notebooks for ideas, social stories, and situations are bulging!

During lockdown, she released the PDF’s for the ‘I’m Going To School’ Transition Workbook. It was published in Feb 2020 for pre-schoolers going to school and those on the spectrum in need of visual supports, with hints and tips inside but little did she know how many families, and schools it would help.

She has also been asked by a team of Educational Psychologists to collaborate in creating ‘Welcome Back Eddie After Lockdown’ to support children in their return during the pandemic and she recently won the Theo Paphitis SBS Award and was contacted by a video producer from Yahoo UK.

The magic continues and her Series is available via Amazon. Book 7 out Next month.

Nikki Saunders Contact Information:

The Eddie Series Book 1 Paperback Edition

The Eddie Series Book 1 Kindle Edition

The Eddie Series Book 2 Paperback Edition

The Eddie Series Book 2 Kindle Edition

Social media handles @Nrsaundersbooks


LinkedIn: Nikki Saunders

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