The Many Different Paths to Fatherhood (feat. Harma Hartouni) S4E5

My guest today is Harma Hartouni. Harma just happens to be an absolutely amazing human being with one of the most inspiring stories, I’ve ever heard. He just released his new book called Getting Back Up: A Story of Resilience, Self-Acceptance and Success. He’s here to talk about his amazing life from growing up in Iran during the war, learning to walk again after surviving a devastating car accident, finally moving back to the States, learning to accept himself, coming out, meeting his partner, creating a real estate business that has generated billions of dollars. building their beautiful family through surrogacy, and the launch of his new book.

Harma and I talk about the different paths people take to fatherhood and how he’s using his experience to help people all across the globe. Lastly, he offers advice on how to be loving, accepting and supportive parents if you suspect your child is gay or have a child who has already come out. This is so important folks.

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  1. Aimer

    Oh man, the question of how to support your child if you think (know?) they are gay without forcing their hand is such an important one and I’m glad you asked because it’s so important and even more so in your case since your kids are already dealing with so many other issues at the same time. Hugely in your favor is that I think your kids already know just how much you love them and that you love them regardless of their gender identity or sexuality or anything else that might surface. Big high 5 on that!

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