Helping Special Needs Kids Make Friends (feat. Emily Bruce from PeerKnect) S4E18

My guest today is Emily Bruce. Mother, as well as, Board Certified and Licensed Behavior Analyst (BCBA, LBA) in the State of Tennessee with an M.S., in Psychology. She’s also the CEO and Founder of Determinism, LLC, and the creator of PeerKnect. Emily has seen firsthand the struggles special needs families face when trying to find playdates and other social activities for our kids. I cannot stress how important this is for our kids.

I speak with Emily about the PeerKnect app. She shares how it works, how they protect your privacy and the many usage cases for this android and iOS. Most importantly, we talk about how PeerKnect is helping special needs kids make friends and engage in social activities. Please listen, share, and check out the PeerKnect app by clicking the link below from your mobile device.

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