How active shooter and lockdown drills are traumatizing our kids (feat. Avery Hamill) S5E1

I recently discovered my autistic kids are having to do active shooter and lockdown drills at school. I was caught off guard because my kids are in a school for autistic kids and kids with other learning disabilities. I had no idea this was happening and I wanted to learn more. I found so many stories about how traumatizing these drills are for kids in general. Concerned, I wanted to speak to someone who has experienced these first hand. As parents we need to be aware of what our kids are experiencing and how they are being impacted.

In honor of National Gun Violence Survivors Week, I wanted to have a conversation about this.

I’m connected with Shannon Watts on Twitter. Shannon is the founder of Mom’s Demand Action and is leading the fight for gun safety. I asked if I could speak with someone about this and she delivered. My guest today is Avery Hamill. Avery is a senior in high school, a Student Demands Action volunteer and Students Demand Action National Advisory Board member. Avery literally took time out of his school day to talk about what it’s like to experience active shooter and lockdown drills first hand. He also shares why they’re so traumatizing to kids and what can be done to help reduce the impact. As a parent, this interview really hit me hard and I’m so grateful to have connected with Avery.

Some heros don’t wear capes and some are still in high school..

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  1. Diane Matway

    Thank you for this raising awareness with this episode and for educating more people about the epidemic of gun violence in America. It’s time we take responsibility and protect our children from preventable gun violence and the trauma. More guns don’t make us safer! Check out BeSmartforKids that shifts the convo to insuring adults practice safe storage.

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