Tracto is a free app that helps parents better support their autistic kids (feat Augmental Technologies) S5E3

My guests today are Herman Lintvelt and Michael (Fox) van der Linde of Augmental Technologies (Pty) Ltd. They created a FREE app called Tracto that is empowering parents to better support their autistic kids. I love bringing you resources that can help improve your families the quality of life. It’s even more satisfying for me when something is as affordable as free.

Check out this episode and let me know if you have any questions..

You can find more information about Tracto at

Guest bios and contact info:

  • Herman Lintvelt
  • Role: Founder, CEO, CTO
  • LinkedIn:
  • Herman Lintvelt has more than 20 years experience in creating software products, and in growing productive software teams. He has been involved in various startups over the last number of years. He specializes in initiating projects; growing the software architecture and team structure so both can start lean, and scale when it needs to. He is passionate about using technology to develop products that empowers people.
  • Michael (Fox) van der Linde
  • Role: Founder, Chief Product Officer
  • LinkedIn:
  • Michael has 11 years of technology product management and entrepreneurship experience. During this period he has managed various local and international technology product portfolios ranging from digital health and telematics. He also has extensive experience in managing technology product roadmaps within various company maturity levels, from start-up, scale-up and NYSE listed company environments.
  • Michael is passionate about addressing meaningful problems by leveraging software, hardware, data science, design and business model innovation.

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Mentioned in this episode:

Happy Ladders

Happy Ladders is Parent-Led Early Autism Therapy that empowers you, the parent, to teach your toddler essential developmental skills through play. Studies have shown that the parent-led model is highly effective while eliminating frustration over long wait lists, or the worry about losing precious developmental time. All without the disruption of people coming into your home

Happy Ladders includes activities that target 150+ essential developmental skills every toddler needs as well as assessments in 4 different developmental areas. There’s also an exclusive community of parents just like you, and professional coaching to ensure success for both you and your toddler.

To learn more, get a free trial, and take advantage of an exclusive, limited-time offer for my listeners, visit Use the code “theautismdad” at checkout to save 50% off the monthly membership. Plus get a free one-on-one session as well as access to the Tantrums and Meltdowns mini-course. This is a limited-time offer so act now.

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Just two Dads Podcast

Shawn Francis and Brian Altounian host “Just two Dads.” A weekly conversation with two dads about raising children with special needs. Listen, every Wednesday at 12PM PST. Find them on Facebook and anywhere you get your podcasts.

Just two Dads Podcast

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