Parenting with Purpose (feat. Mitch Leppicello, LICSW) S5E6

I’m excited to bring you another episode about empowering parents to better help their autistic children. My guest today is Mitch Leppicello. Mitch is a social worker who’s spent decades working with autistic kids and their families. Mitch has used his experience to create a program called The Calm Compass. The Calm Compass is an online resource for parents of autistic children, helping them to better navigate difficult situations, as well as gain insight, and outside-of-the-box solutions for everyday challenges. I’m a huge fan of empowering parents and unfortunately, many of these things weren’t available to me when I was first starting out. The Calm Compass is a fantastic resource for parents and I hope you enjoy the show.

Learn more about Mitch and The Calm Compass by clicking here.

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