The Rare Life (feat. Madeline Cheney) S5E47

In this week’s episode, I talk with Madeline Cheney from The Rare Life Podcast, where she shares her family’s journey raising two amazing kids, one with very rare conditions. We have a conversation about what life is like for her family, some of the challenges they face, and how she’s helping other families dealing with similar things.

Guest Bio:

Madeline Cheney is the host/creator of The Rare Life, a well-loved podcast for parents of children with rare conditions. She finds huge fulfillment in connecting with this community of parents in this way. Her experiences with her medically-complex son Kimball inspired the podcast. Kimball is a Buzz-lightyear loving four-year-old with a rare form of dwarfism and deaf-blindness, among other aspects of his rare syndrome. Madeline and Kimball live in Utah with his dad Juston and big sister Wendy where they enjoy camping as a family.

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Rob Gorski is a single Dad to three amazing autistic boys and Found and CEO of The Autism Dad, LLC. Multiple award-winning blogger, podcaster, content creator, digital marketer, social media influencer, and respected public figure for well over a decade.

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