IEP Tips for Parents From Master IEP Coach Kimberly Charles (S6E14) -

IEP Tips for Parents From Master IEP Coach Kimberly Charles (S6E14)

In this week’s episode, Master IEP Coach Kimberly Charles is on the show to help us better navigate the IEP process and answer some of your IEP questions. She has tons of advice that can help parents and IEP teams work better together. When we all work together, our kids benefit the most.

About Kimberly Charles:

Kimberly Charles is a Special Education Consultant and Master IEP Coach® who works with parents of children with special needs to support them through the special education process. Kimberly believes parents are the experts on their child and believes that their full participation in the special education process is vital to the success of their child. 

Kimberly has taught special education to children in grades k through 8, in multiple states over the last 20 years. She left the classroom to bring her years of experience to the other side of the IEP table helping families secure the support their child needs in school. Kimberly is an active member of the Master IEP Coach Community® and belongs to the Council of Parents Attorneys and Advocates (COPAA). 

Kimberly holds a Bachelor of Arts in Special Education from Clemson University.



Mentioned in this episode:

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The Hoglet is a plug-and-play wireless computer mouse with a specially-made silicone cover. The Hoglet is covered in tiny nubs, kind of mimicking the look of well, a Hedgehog. The cover provides satisfying tactile sensory input which many sensory seekers benefit from. It’s perfect for classrooms, computer labs, working from home, or just bringing color and fidget fun to cubicles everywhere.

The Hoglet is made of food-grade silicone. It’s durable, super easy to clean, fun to use, and comes in 5 vibrant colors. For more information, visit Amazon and search for “Hoglet computer mouse” of click here.

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