Lisa Morrison On Being An Autism Mom In Northeast Ohio (S1E04)

In this week’s episode, I speak with Lisa Morrison. Lisa is a mother to 3 autistic kids, as well as Co-Founder and President of Integrated Community Solutions, Inc. ICS is a nonprofit based in Medina Ohio. She’s here to talk about her journey as a parent, as well as all the free resources, and social enrichment programs ICS provides for people with developmental disabilities in Northeast Ohio. We also talk about an exciting housing development she building for people with developmental disabilities.

About Lisa Morrison:

Lisa is the Co-Founder, President, and Treasurer of Integrated Community Solutions, Inc. Being the parent of three young adults with autism, she recognized the need for community-based housing options for individuals with developmental disabilities that provide permanence and security, and foster individual growth and independence. 

She is committed to developing a safe and enduring community that will offer a broad range of social engagements, training and educational opportunities, and peace of mind for individuals living with developmental disabilities and their families. 

In 2016, Lisa was appointed as a board member of the Medina County Board of Developmental Disabilities. She was drawn to serve the agency that is such a vital source of support in her children’s lives. Lisa also is an adjunct faculty member of the Psychology Department for Cuyahoga Community College, the University of Akron, and Lorain County Community College. Lisa has volunteered with the Special Olympics and other social engagement groups in the surrounding area.

Integrated Community Solutions

About Rob Gorski and The Autism Dad and Special Needs Ohio podcasts:

Rob Gorski is a single Dad to three amazing autistic boys and Found and CEO of The Autism Dad, LLC. Multiple award-winning blogger, podcaster, content creator, social media influencer, and respected public figure for well over a decade.

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