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Empowering Neurodivergent Learners: Inclusive Tools and Free Resources (S7E19)


In this episode, Rob Gorski interviews Dani Kinsley, an occupational therapist and product developer at Super Duper Publications. Dani shares how Super Duper creates a variety of educational tools, including card decks, books, games, and software, designed to support skills like speech articulation, problem-solving, and daily living activities. These user-friendly resources are crafted for both clinicians and parents, making them ideal for home use. Dani emphasizes the enduring value of analog learning tools, despite the digital trend, and notes Super Duper’s commitment to developing evidence-based products for neurodivergent learners. Listeners can explore their wide range of educational products on Super Duper’s website to support their children’s learning at home.

About Guest:

Dani Kinsley is an occupational therapist and product developer at Super Duper Publications. With a background in clinical practice and a passion for creating inclusive educational tools, she collaborates with speech language pathologists to design engaging resources for neurodivergent learners. Joining Super Duper in 2021, Danni brings both professional expertise and personal experience as a neurodivergent learner to her role, ensuring the products she develops are evidence-based and user-friendly. Dedicated to empowering parents and educators, Danni continues to advocate for accessible and enjoyable learning experiences for all children.

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