Zaneta Barton’s Autism Parenting Story (S7E22)

Zaneta Barton, a mother of six, shares her journey as a parent of a child with autism and her pursuit of a degree in deaf communication. She discusses the challenges of accepting the diagnosis and the impact on her family. The conversation also touches on the dynamics of a large family and the importance of self-care. The conversation covers the challenges of burnout, self-care, and the transition to adulthood for children with special needs. Zaneta and Rob share their experiences and insights, emphasizing the importance of self-care and the complexities of parenting children with special needs as they transition into adulthood.

About Rob Gorski and The Autism Dad podcast:

Rob Gorski is a single Dad to three amazing autistic boys and the Founder and CEO of The Autism Dad, LLC. Multiple award-winning blogger, podcaster, content creator, social media influencer, and respected public figure for the last 15 years.

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