A Basket of Impossibles (feat. Carew Papritz) S3E27

Let’s get honest here for a minute. We all want our kids to return to school. No one is saying that’s a bad idea. It’s important that our kids get back into the classroom. The issue is whether or not it can be done safely and the answer in most cases is a resounding no. We are handing our teachers a basket of impossible. As of 8/14/2020, a few schools have begun to open in the United States, and already, there are well over 2,100 students/teachers in quarantine due to COVID19 across several states. This is insane. We are putting our kid’s lives, the lives of teachers, school staff, bus drivers, and frankly, everyone else at risk. For what?

My guest this week is Carew Papritz. Carew is an accomplished author, a literacy advocate, and an educational thought leader who comes from a family of educators.

Carew is here to discuss the major concerns surrounding reopening schools during the worst national health crisis in over a century. He’s advocating for testing of all students before beginning the school year and ongoing testing to keep everyone safe. Teachers have been handed a basket of impossibles. Carew is suggesting we demand the impossible in return, in order to protect our kids, teachers, staff and everyone else who is at risk.

This is an essential conversation to have right now because no one knows what to do, parents are confused and scared.

I ask the question, what do people consider an acceptable loss of life so schools can reopen? I know that sounds dramatic but I’m serious. How many kids, teachers, and staff will have to die before we realize the insanity of what is happening?

I hope you enjoy this weeks episode, A Basket of Impossibles.

About Carew Papritz

Carew Papritz is an educational thought-leader, literacy advocate, and author of the multi-award-winning book, The Legacy Letters. Through his YouTube videos, including the I Love to Read series and his First-Ever Book Signings, and events such as creating National Thank You Letter Day and the World’s Largest Handwritten Thank You Letter, Papritz spreads the love of reading, learning, and civility to people of all ages. 

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