When your child needs acute residential care (feat Mike Rowley) S5E12

My guest today is the Administrator of Springbrook Autism Behavioral Health, Mike Rowley. I recorded this while on-site at The Converge Autism Summit in Greenville, South Carolina. Mike and I have a conversation all about the Springbrook facility. We talk about why a child may need acute residential care, and what happens when they do. We talked about the unimaginable struggles facing families when a child’s behavior cannot be managed safely in the home.

I’ve been there, and I wouldn’t wish that on any child or parent.

If you’re looking for this type of help for your family, or maybe know someone who is, there’s a lot of valuable information in this episode.

About Springbrook Autism Behavioral Health.

About Mike Rowley: CEO at Springbrook Behavioral Health. Springbrook is a 112-bed facility offering short-term acute psychiatric services for adults (44 beds) and a residential treatment center for children with autism and behavioral challenges(68 beds)

Mentioned in this episode:

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