Answering Your Questions About Autism, Parenting, and Dating (S6E51) -

Answering Your Questions About Autism, Parenting, and Dating (S6E51)

On this week’s episode, I sat down with Education Consultant and Parenting Expert, Kelly Clark, and we answer your submitted questions about autism, parenting, and dating when you’re a special needs parent. Kelly and I are both autism parents and we share our experience navigating our parenting journey. We talk about dealing with school related challenges, picking battles, maintaining a relationship while raising autistic kids, and even navigating differences in the way we parent. This was so fun to record and it’s so relatable. You have been asking for us to do this for a while and the wait is over. Let us know what we should talk about next. 🙂

Hosted by Rob Gorski:

Rob Gorski, a devoted single father to three incredible autistic sons, is the Founder and CEO of The Autism Dad, LLC. As a multi-award-winning blogger, podcaster, content creator, and influential social media figure for over a decade, Rob continues to share his family’s journey, providing insights, resources, and support to the autism community.

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