Social Cipher


I’m really excited to share a great new video game we just played in my house, called Ava and it was created by a company called Social Cipher. Social Cipher’s mission is to represent and empower Neurodivergent youth by teaching self-advocacy skills and self-confidence through Social Emotional Learning. 

This amazing game follows Ava, an autistic space pirate, as she navigates her way through social challenges, self-doubt, and connecting with her community. Ava is helping kids in over 220 schools and therapy centers across 6 countries build the social-emotional skills they need to better navigate everyday life.! 

Social Cipher is excited to share that they have just released a brand new game mode, called World Builder. World Builder lets players design and create their own fantasy world while exploring the building blocks of social-emotional learning. It’s time to design a world with your own creative and adventurous spirit whether it’s building a home, a pirate ship, or anything else you can dream up! 

Use the code: theautismdad to get 15% off and start playing today!

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